If something unpleasant happened to you ,and it feels as if it is still happening, it may have been traumatic to you. It matters not whether it was yesterday or long ago. Trauma is completely subjective by its very nature. It matters not whether it was "a big trauma" such as violence or "everyday trauma" such as being fired.  Even a trivial incident such as being teased on the school bus can be  affecting you .Trauma is a medical term. If your body tells you its trauma, THEN IT’S TRAUMA.

Signs of Trauma

  • Bad memories of something you wish to forget, but seem to resurface.
  • Nightmares that remind you of something really unpleasant that happened or may have happened to you
  • Flashbacks during the day which make you lose track of where you are or what you’re doing
  • Consistently avoiding things which upset you
  • Trying to “not think" certain upsetting thoughts which remind you of something or someone
  • Difficulty remembering events or even a period of your life
  • Constantly feeling bad or negative about yourself
  • Less fun doing the things you used to enjoy 
  • Less interest in other people and the relationships you used to share with them

You Will Get

  • A realistic yet compassionate understanding of how this trauma affects you on a day to day basis
  • A clear and straightforward plan to heal your trauma using effective and proven skills
  • A framework for you to experience  pleasure from the things you used to enjoy
  • Skills to help you have a clearer head with less 'bad thought' intrusions
  • A calmer sense of self, resulting in less of a need to avoid  places or memories
  • The joy of having a "de-bunked trauma experience" and the clarity of life that comes with it
As you express to me what happened to you, we identify your specific emotional  and physical pain points. We then use a varied set of skills to decrease any emotional and physical pain resulting from that event. We will use short term and long term approaches.

I use EMDR as well as a host of other skills related to Cognitive, Behavioral and Narrative Therapy approaches to help you recover from what happened to you. You will once again, enjoy clarity.