Family/Relationship + Reality =  Stress .
Any real relationship has its pain points. You know that. But no one prepared you for how to deal with your own anxiety, when things seem to spiral out of control. Wasn't it yesterday that everything seemed so pleasant and now, you’re practically having panic attacks while you disagree?

You May Find Yourself

  • Disliking the  relationships you put heart and soul into
  • Dreading the people you once enjoyed being around
  • Feeling the need to run away or do something drastic
  • Expending too much energy on communicating
  • Feeling clueless or hopeless about your future
  • Less energetic than you used to be
  • Thinking worrisome thoughts about decisions you made
  • Wondering if you’re really loved and if your house is a safe place 
  • Developing general confusion about your own self worth
I know you love each other and your family. I know how badly you want your business to work. Without the accumulation of pain and hurt, you really do enjoy each other’s company. When we meet, I will work with each of you, individually, to get you back to your real selves and your baseline affection and cooperation with your family and co-workers.

Instead of an Aching Heart & Racing Thoughts, You Will Have 

  • Ability to quickly de-escalate your own sense of panic and anxiety
  • Insight into the dynamic between you and your spouse/family
  • Ability to once again experience your mutually authentic love
  • Clear and effective approach to reinstating that elusive fondness
  • Increased interest and energy to give to your loved ones
  • Improved attitude and perspective that was once so familiar to you
  • Less circular thoughts and self-doubt
  • Confidence of your choices and  future
  • Clarity about your decisions and living with the joy that only quality relationships can bring