Therapy for Children

You heard it many times. If your child is "acting up" or "making trouble", it means there’s something bothering him. Great. That’s just reeeealllly helpful. Now what? 
All parents know their children really want to do well. They express themselves in the way they do because there they’re trying to tell us some information we’re missing about them. The problem is, THEY don’t know what it is either and even if they did, they would not know how to tell you.
Using extensive experience with children as well as EMDR and play therapy, your children will be expressing themselves in much less time than you think! I would be remiss if I did not share with you that I have a 100% success rate with children using my unique set of skills.

Instead of Seeing Your Kids

  • Constantly Tantrum
  • Do the opposite of what you say because you say it
  • Annoy his/her siblings
  • Refuse to try new things
  • Refuse to cooperate
  • Act stubbornly resistant, right when you need them to be flexible

You Will See Your Kids

  • Less frequent tantrums
  • Less resistance to doing chores
  • Less irksome behavior
  • Increased healthy curiosity
  • A desire to cooperate
  • Less tension and stress in your house