Do you no longer enjoy the foods or Netflix shows as much as you used to? Perhaps you don't get the ZZZZ’s out of sleep like you used to. Does sunshine fail to cheer you? Lousy mood doesn’t improve with time? You may be depressed.

No need to get depressed over your depression though! There's much we can do together. We work together on finding a dual approach from the "outside in", and "inside out". In other words, I like to work on tweaking habits within your immediate control, such as  day to day habits which may be increasing the depression, as well as discovering and processing the underlying events which caused it.
Is my sadness or misery normal?

Signs of Depression

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Low energy
  • Rapid weight gain or loss
  • Constant thoughts about self-harm or suicide
  • Feeling down
  • Continuous negative thoughts, feelings or moods
  • Fatalistic attitude of the future.

I Will Help You With

  • An understanding and compassionate attitude to your depressive thoughts and feelings 
  • A customized plan to address the causes of your depression 
  • A researched, effective and powerful set of methods with which to heal and let go of your pain 
  • Accountability and realistic objectives to know if and how much this is helping you
  • More pleasant thoughts, feelings and moods to come naturally 
  • Increased optimism about your future
  • Improved energy levels and more time in your day
  • Greater pleasure and satisfaction from those things you once really enjoyed
  • The joy of having a depress-less plan for any future depressive triggers