The most important part of a good night's rest is REM (rapid eye movement). REM is the core healing aspect of your daily painful experiences. During REM sleep, your brain can process that day's troubling events to the extent that when you wake up the next morning, yesterday's memories no longer disturb you.   


When your experience is too powerful for your brain to process at night, such as early traumatic events, your memories become "stuck" and are not processed at night. They remain in "the present" according to your brains logic. Hence, anytime you are  reminded of the event, you become anxious and act as if that traumatic event is still happening. With the assistance of specialized EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) techniques, we work together to "mimic" your REM skills and process the trauma.

As you bring up the event and help your body reprocess the "memory-experience", you begin to let go of the event! You'll soon be ready to send those harmful events back to the past. EMDR puts the past where it belongs - into the past forever!