Anger can be a healthy thing. If it happens a lot and the moment it’s over you think "I did it again", there may be some unhealthy anger. I don’t believe anger is ever the problem, rather the underlying pain. That’s what I focus on. Getting to your pain under the anger.

Signs of Unhealthy Anger

  • If disagreeing with a family member or business partner often frustrates you
  • Can’t express your displeasure in a calm way
  • Consistently ignore others who get on your nerves (and this list is growing)
  • Envisioning harm befalling others or other forms of internally felt aggression
  • Intimidation, swearing, yelling, threatening or use of foul language
  • Using substances to self-regulate your overheated system like alcohol or food
  • When your anger has taken a toll on your health or relationships

You Will Get

  • A compassionate understanding of the source of your anger
  • A customized plan to address the root causes of your anger
  • Proven and effective tools that address the experiences which lie underneath your anger
  • A clear and accountable plan with expectations and reachable objectives
  • Replacements for your anger-related thoughts, beliefs and moods using resources already in your possession
  • Systems to check for potentially anger triggering episodes in your immediate future
  • The calm and clarity that comes with having a future anger-less plan