Sometimes, after trying for years to stop a behavior, habit or thought you become discouraged and lose faith in yourself and your ability. It happens without you realizing it. You wonder if you will ever see improvement.
Using specified EMDR tools and many effective approaches, I completely circumvent the standard behavioral and cognitive approaches. We get in the way of the behavior from where it starts!
There is some pleasure aspect which you body connects to the negative habit. This is why your body insists on doing it in the first place. We work together to identify what that pleasure is. We then find ways to substitute that pleasure, or shift the pleasure to a more positive source.

Instead Of

  • Being slave to the act, thought or thing
  • Not feeling okay unless you do _____
  • Feeling hopeless about your future
  • Easily set off by people or circumstances
  • Difficulty with controlling your emotions
  • Acting impulsively
  • Making decisions you quickly regret.
  • Feel stressed, fatigued and anxious

You Will

  • Feel relieved and confident
  • Feel okay about yourself without the act, thought or thing
  • Be much less impulsive
  • Make healthier decisions with greater ease
  • Have more strength and hours to your day
  • Feel healthier with greater mental clarity